If you can dream it, we can do it

We are here to make it happen. Our business is to turn your conceptions into a reality. We do it by means of addressing market potential and integrating Israeli technology to generate new solutions. Privileged to be small, agile and well-connected, we show quick results. We regularly work with top Israeli companies including water and irrigation companies, civil infrastructure, dairy management, horticulture production, poultry and value addition solutions. Typical clients include commercial entities that aim to proliferate their business by developing new endeavors or improving current state of affairs via cutting edge technology or the best of Israeli expertise.

Core Values

  1. Profit – generate financial revenue while promoting social and environmental sustainability.
  2. Durability – implement tough tasks with charm, vision and persistent long lasting work.
  3. Innovation – combine creative and advanced technological solutions to simple implementation.
  4. Partnership – relationships of openness, transparency and sincere communication.
  5. Local benefits – financially viable endeavors that benefit the local communities and generate a greater impact within the deployed sector.
  6. Capacity building – emphasis on building new proficiencies rather than selling technologies and equipment.
  7. Do more with less – aim for simple and resource efficient solutions that correlate with local habits and culture.