Startup Growth

Israel, known as the startup nation, is a world super power in innovation. Despite the fact that Israel is a small and young country with only 8 million inhabitants, its hi-tech industry is considered to be the second best in the world after the United States. If your company is seeking new technologies, with some 5,000 startups across Israel, you would probably have access only to the big and established ventures. Nonetheless, we believe more attractive business opportunities reside in innovative technologies of early stage tech companies. Moreover, frequently early stage companies hold incentives to expand their operation and in return may offer favorable business opportunities.

Project description

Immersed within the Israeli startup community, we hold access to a wide portfolio of early stage Israeli agtech, clean-tech, fintech and HLS companies. As such, we offer tech purchase or investment opportunities, which may profoundly igniting rapid develop of a scalable business model in your company. Companies below can give an indication to some of the technologies we find world changing. For more information about companies we work with, contact us directly.