We view agriculture as a business venture no different to any other traditional manufacturing activity. Merely that agriculture holds many more variables linked to our natural environment. Such as, soil, climate, disease, pests, pollution, and more. As such, we believe farming requires a carefully thought plan addressing two main aspects:

  • Product – relates to good farming practices such as, quality of produce, labor, resources, yields, etc. Frequently Israeli tech provides a good answer to improve agricultural products.
  • Market – relates to the economic value of the produce and business decisions such as, revenue, stability, competition, uniqueness, etc. In our experience in-depth understanding, out of the box thinking and marketing are crucial.

Project description

In our work we have conducted numerous studies in Africa exploring the expansion of existing agricultural endeavors, or the establishment of new agricultural business. Those studies are being conducted by our Israeli experts from the relevant theme. Typically our agricultural business team includes agricultural experts, economists and engineers that practice agriculture themselves. The inputs of our agri-business team is turned into an action plan implemented by the farmer. We have worked predominantly on issues of dairy milk production, poultry integration, horticulture and deciduous fruits.