Investment opportunities

Startup growth – Startup companies present world changing innovative products, process or services. Immersed within the Israeli startup community, we hold access to a wide portfolio of early stage Israeli agtech, clean-tech, fintech and HLS companies. As such, we offer tech purchase or investment opportunities, which may profoundly igniting rapid develop of a scalable business model in your company.


Emissary – Statistics indicate that 7 out of 10 projects fail. We believe this is directly related to communication and expectation mismanagement. We make it our job to represent your business development intents solely among good, intimate and personal connections we hold within the Israeli business community and elsewhere.


Agricultural business – In a globalized world, successful agriculture is no longer only the act of working the land but requires an intricate business strategy. Our team will work with you to identify your assets, think out of the box, innovate and allocate resources that will transform your agricultural activity to a well-designed money making machine.